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Leo Grillo
Meguire Grillo
Stacy Grillo

Dr. Gaylord Brown

Directed and Produced by
Leo Grillo

Ermanno Vanino


Sometimes wonderful and unexpected things happen when you set out to make a documentary, and this is very much the case with The Rescuer, which began as a 27-year chronicle of the activities of Leo Grillo, a man who loves animals, perhaps too much. In 1979, Grillo, an up-and-coming young Hollywood actor driving to a location shoot, spotted a bedraggled abandoned dog wandering under the broiling desert sun. Leo couldn't resist stopping to pick up the animal and subsequently nursing it back to health. This experience opened Leo's eyes to a shocking problem: annually, millions of pets are tossed out and simply left to die in America's wilderness. Almost before he realizes it, Leo has found and taken in 35 more abandoned dogs, saving them from certain death. Leo formed a nonprofit organization called D.E.L.T.A. Rescue (Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals), which eventually grows to include a 94-acre 'supershelter' housing over 1500 abandoned dogs and cats, the largest organization of its type in the world. A controversial figure, Leo Grillo  in The Rescuer becomes obsessed with the tracking of one specific dog and her family over a 2-year period which changes his life in an unexpected way.


The Rescuer     The Rescuer     The Rescuer
The Rescuer     The Rescuer     The Rescuer

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