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Leo Grillo
Robert Davi
Lori Heuring 
Elaine Hendrix 
Greg Grunberg
Tanya Allen 
with Sammi Hanratty
and Christopher Lloyd
as the voice of 'Magic'.

Directed by
Robert Davi
and John Penney

Written by
John Penney

Executive Producer
Leo Grillo

Produced by
Valerie McCaffrey
Robert Davi


Magic the dog (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) is an angel sent to heal a broken family. Brad (Leo Grillo), the father, is a busy lawyer who does the best he can to raise his daughter Kayla (Sammi Hanratty) alone, since the passing of his wife seven years ago. Kayla, in denial of her mother's death, believes she is still coming back. One night, Magic comes to their home and Kayla hides him from the people tracking him; Dr. Ortero (Robert Davi) and Sarah (Lori Heuring), along with a medical laboratory's security force. After she runs away from home to elude the scientists, Kayla becomes bonded to Magic in a special way. Sarah, after having an epiphany about the dog, helps Brad find him. Along the way Magic fulfills his angelic role as the catalyst that helps Brad, Kayla and Sarah discover the love they have for each other.

Robert Davi     Magic     Magic
Magic     Magic     Magic

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