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Genre: Horror

A group of high profile captains of industry whose various businesses engage in cruel animal practices meet at an isolated ranch and are systematically murdered in the same way they torture and kill innocent animals.

“From beasts we scorn as soulless,
In forest, field and den,
The cry goes up to witness
The soullessness of men.” - M. Frida Hartley

The enigmatic and charming ROY BRUNSUN is on a mission.  He savagely assumes the identity of a millionaire big game ranch owner, and invites a group of successful business leaders to the isolated ranch under the guise of receiving an achievement award that appeals to their considerable egos.  As night falls, the tension and suspense escalates as, one by one, the guests fall victim to torture and murder …. The blond and shallow RICK VANDERSTEEN is clubbed and drowned the same way his Sea Land amusement parks kill innocent young dolphins.

MARTINE LE CROIX, the flamboyant TV star chef is sautéed the way he cooks his live soft shell crabs, his signature dish!  

DERRICK WEBSTER, the owner of a pest control company is stuck in a glue trap the same way his company catches and kills rats. 

ISABELLA RAMBLA, a buyer for a chain of upscale fashion stores is skinned alive the same way the furs she sells are obtained, off still-living animals.

CONNIE BLAKELY, the VP of a research company is dissected alive the same way her lab monkeys are killed. 
The blue collar BILLY JOE PITWELL is fed to an anaconda the same way the cute little feeder mice he breeds are fed to reptiles in pet shops.

And all of this is witnessed by the young and aggressive blog reporter,  TAMMY WILLIAMS who was invited by Brunson to report the story to the world.

But Brunson is nothing if not brilliant.  He orchestrates the events flawlessly, keeping everyone on their toes as the tension escalates and the infighting begins.  It’s not until the very end, when we discover that there is an even more sadistic side to Brunsun’s plan … and Tammy Williams’ real identity is revealed.

Animal Hannibal

Status: script

Project notes: first sequel in franchise, scripting

Production company AAPT

Genre: horrific thriller

When the body count starts to rise in a small college town it’s believed that a serial killer is at large.
The police recruit the help of a criminology professor at the local university who assigns his students to investigate
and draw their own conclusions. As one student begins to create the killers profile his likeness feels all too familiar.

Filmmakers: Leo Grillo, writer (screenplay); Leo Grillo, exec producer

Rick's Ransom

Status: script

Production company AAPT

Genre: Comedy

A curmudgeonly bounty hunter and an off the wall animal rights activist spring a pack of dogs from a research lab,
and with the police and other bounty hunters hot on their trail, they drive a Winnebago full of dogs to Mexico.

Filmmakers: John Penney, director; John Penney, writer; Leo Grillo, exec producer

Hard Ten

Status: script

Production company AAPT

Genre: family/drama/comedy

A father and his 12-year-old daughter run a floating craps game to support themselves and the animals they rescue.

Filmmakers: Steven Baum, writer; Leo Grillo, exec producer

Untitled Afghan Project

Status: script

Project notes: Scripting

Production notes: scripting

Production company AAPT

Genre: action/ drama/romance

When a contractor, stationed in the desert of Afghanistan, discovers the US Military,
as well as the "insurgents," are shooting stray dogs, he risks his career and his life to save them,
and bring them home to America with the help of a lonely woman he has never met.

Filmmakers: Leo Grillo, writer; Leo Grillo, exec producer


Status: script and recorded animation voice track

Genre: Family 3D animation

Clancy is a puppy who is abandoned in the wilderness along with his mother.
Clancy's life is saved by THE RESCUER; however his mother is trapped by BAD BOOTS,
a notoriously evil man who holds pit bulls fights in a junkyard on Friday nights. With the help of the entire animal kingdom,
and a few humans, Clancy must save his mother before she is killed in the ring.


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