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Deirdre's Party 
Leo Grillo
Deirdre Hade
Katherine McGreggor
Drew Hastings
Lorenzo Caccialanza
Tommy Townsend
Robia LaMorte
Nina Mann

Directed by
Sam Christensen

Produced by
Leo Grillo

Deirdre Guardia is throwing her veterinarian husband, Leo, the party of his dreams ... where he can deal Craps on his new table. But on the morning of the party she tells him that her cancer is back ... with a vengeance.

Leo wants to cancel the party to get her alternative treatment, but Deirdre insists that it go forward. Deirdre puts her affairs in order and then decorates her house for the party, dulling her pain with medicine, while Leo takes care of his wacky clients and their animals at his clinic. That night, at the party, Deirdre magically guides her guests to discovering their deepest secrets. And she becomes matchmaker to international playboy Lorenzo and Leo's stunningly beautiful sister Robia, and she forces commissioner Tommy to end his affair with his mistress, Nina. In the morning, when the party is over and the guests are gone, Deirdre and Leo shock us all with the final choice that they make.


Deirdre's Party was shot in 1996 as an improvisational film, without a script! Like Mike Leigh's hugely successful "Secret's and Lies," the cast was both writer and actor. Deirdre's Party premiered at the Writer's Guild Theater in 1997 and made history, being the first movie ever to be shown there, without a writer!

Because of the deeply moving animal themes, we are proud to offer this art film for the first time since it was made.

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